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About Us:

Little history about the Fairwater Store has been documented, but we do know that it was established in 1977. It was created to provide Electric Boat employees and visitors with a convenient place to shop for sub crest apparel, EB gear and more. Fast foward to today and now this new online store is made available to the public as a way to allow the masses to enjoy that same high quality submarine apparel and EB gear. Prior to the inception of this website, the only people that could purchase EB apparel were the people onsite at the facilities that have a store. Currently we at Greenwich Safety manage the Fairwater Stores in Groton, New London and Quonset; as well as this new internet store. We feel so privileged and lucky to be supporting each of these stores! So much hard work, sense of ownership, heritage and national pride is found in the work Electric Boat does and we are happy to finally showcase all EB related gear to everyone across the country and beyond!

GDEB Locations:

Quonset RI, Washington DC, Groton CT, New London CT, Newport RI, Honolulu HI, & Quincy MA